0. Introduction

About Bootstrap Studio

Now, there's a big decision that developers of all types make when they develop software: buy vs. build. There are significant time savings to be had for buying a solution, but building a solution might offer the flexibility that you need; it's all up to you.

You're probably wondering what Bootstrap Studio is. Well, it's a solution for full-stack and half-stack web developers that can generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, all in a click-and-drag interface that's easy to manipulate. If you've ever used something like Weebly or Wordpress, you'll know what I'm talking about. Bootstrap Studio is like Weebly on some serious steroids, because not only does it allow you to click and drag, it also allows you to make changes to the classes and edit the tags, plus stick in your own, custom HTML, if the feature doesn't exist in Bootstrap natively. The latest version fully supports HTML5 features, including animations.